MOVING – So Soon????

March 29, 2010

Ah yes – the sooner the better to settle into our new digs. Go to to catch up.


March 29, 2010

Yesterday I answered a question – if you could knit anything for anyone who and what would it be? My answer: I would knit something for someone to cherish, keep them warm and give them joy. The problem is matching the project to the person.

There are quite a few lace projects I’d like to do – but who to give them to????

Oh well. I’m planning one lace shawl – it is Estonian – a lily of the valley motif. If no one wants such a thing – it’s mine!!!!

I’m also planning more Cascading Leaves. Yesterday I started picking up stitches on the fourth border – a long one – 240 stitches – 17 rows to go – stitch up the corners and I’m off to the next project.

Actually, I think I’ll finish a door-stopper I started in between projects last year. Having “to do” work piling up is not going to be my style (says I with five current on the needle items) (throw, socks, doorstopper.a lace stole, and a lace shrug to be pulled out and started over).

Plans for the near future are another Cascading Leaves – in Pink! Lion Brand Rose Spray – Jiffy yarn – the kind that is right for the pattern – no blocking (or so I think – we’ll see). It’s an acrylic yarn – just right for my sister Christine and her allergies.

Today – over to Mother’s to write out some cards to her friends and to start to mulch the yard. (Yesterday she was wearing a mauve skirt and legwarmers I knitted for her.) Knitting in between the moments!


March 28, 2010

Today I got up and knitted on my Cascading Leaves Throw – go to Lion Brand Yarn to see it in their free patterns. I chose to use Fisherman’s Wool – Oak Tweed – a beigy/natural with a brown stripe in it. The leaves remind me of Fall when they have turned brown and the sunlight dapples their surface. The squares (the whole thing is made of 48 squares sewn together) were 5″x5″ when I knit them and 7″x7″ when blocked out. The blocking made the stitches nice and even and the fabric light and soft. The whole thing is light and woolly warm. What I am working on now is the third border – garter stitch. I picked up 180 stitches on the narrower edges and 240 stitches on the wide edges. The trick is to add a stitch per edge per every other row. The finish is mitered corners.

The finished project will be a large rectangle – Ill get you the measurements later – about 61″ by 47″. At least those are my calculations – I’ll have to measure the finished project. Maybe Wednesday.

That’s all I’m working on today besides writing this blog – writing to a friend – going to the hardware store – visiting my 86-year-old mother – cooking – eating and ad infinitum other little details!

Happy Knitting and blogging!

March 27, 2010

This morning I got up and started on my Cascading Leaves Throw for my sister Amy. I think I’ll finish it today and tomorrow – then on to the next project!

First Blog

March 27, 2010

Well, I don’t know what to do so I guess I’ll just do it! Today I knitted some lace. I am making an Estonian lace stole for my daughter – she is 35 – I figure that’s old enough to enjoy a warm snuggle when the evenings get cool this summer in Vermont. I also did a little knitting on a throw I’m making for my sister Amy. It’s called Cascading Leaves – I found the pattern at Lion Brand Yarn. In the background I am also knitting a pair of socks for me.
I never thought I’d have multiple projects going – but now I do. (sounds like I’m married to my knitting – for better or worse – I guess I am.
Knitting and it’s culture has added joy, purpose, a sense of peace and calm to my life.
Hopefully this blog will add to it!

Happy Knitting!

March 27, 2010

I love knitting! Be happy to hear from other kniwits right here.

Hello world!

March 27, 2010

So this is my first blog!  It feels like I’ve done this before.  Wonder what that was about?  Posts maybe.  It’s 10:48 p.m. and today was a wonderful day!  I went to X-Sport with my Mother (she goes to a personal trainer Tuesdays and Fridays – those days I go along for the ride – to help her (she’s 86) and to help me get out and about.  Then we went grocery shopping and to Borders…there my knitting day started (well actually it started a little earlier – like when I woke up I knitted a row in a throw for my sister, then while my Mom took a nap I knitted a pattern on a Lace Stole for my oldest daughter(35).  I got Vogue Knitting’s 2010 spring/summer issue ….which led to planning a new project – a cute little capelet for my youngest daughter (30).  Then I ended up taking the TNN questionnaire.  Looking for Knitty Blog and wound up here with a blog of my own.  As the evening is getting later by the key…I’ll blog some more tomorrow…If I’m doing it right, that is.

Goodnight all!